4 Stylish Ideas for a Home Messaging Center
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4 Stylish Ideas for a Home Messaging Center

Let’s face it – when you’re a parent it’s hard to keep up with every little thing in a busy household. The hairdresser called to confirm your appointment, the soccer game was rescheduled to next week, you’ve ran out of flour and chicken stock. The best method for staying on top of your home’s TODO list is by creating a home messaging center. Simplify life at home using these stylish ideas:

For a traditional-styled kitchen, the antique feel of this Bouf brand kitchen memo board fits perfectly. The “Home Sweet Home” inset motif adds a cozy appeal. Kids will love leaving messages of their own and it’s an excellent way to visually display important reminders.


Is your family always on the go? A dry-erase board in the kitchen is essential! Unfortunately most bland white dry erase boards lack style. This patent-pending bamboo dry erase message center from Three By Three offers functionality while doing double-duty as an accent piece in your kitchen.


Chalk boards can be an interesting and stylish way to add a messaging center to the kitchen. Recently, paint manufacturers have released some interesting and innovative products to the market — one of which is chalkboard paint. Don’t worry about the hassle of attaching an actual chalkboard to a wall. Get creative and easily paint any surface in the kitchen; transforming it into a working chalkboard. Try painting the inside of a cabinet door or, if you’re bold, transform an entire wall in your kitchen into an eye-catching yet highly functional home messaging center.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution this Evelyn Memo Board from the Home Decorators Collection does the trick! This board combines every kitchen messaging center tool for sorting out trinkets and organizing documents. It features a section for a chalk board, a cork board, a photo frame and multiple slips for organizing papers. Not to mention it’s black frame and bold colored pockets will add a splash of color to a basic room!



What does your kitchen messaging center look like? Comment and let us know!


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