Bath Time: Under Cover


When you’re looking to give the walls of your bathroom a facelift, you have a few primary options: paint, tiles, or wallpaper. We know what you’re probably thinking about that last one: “Wallpaper? Absolutely not!” Don’t worry, we don’t mean the dowdy floral motifs you’d find in your grandmothers house (no offense to grandma). The drab wallpaper from yesteryear has been reborn into a stylish designer go-to for adding drama, character, and texture to any room, bathrooms being no exception (like the muted paisley pattern interiors guru Trip Haenisch used for the above space from the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Lonny Magazine.)

No matter what your design style—contemporary, shabby chic, or ultra-glam—there’s a wallpaper to suit your desired aesthetic.

Add subtle texture. The easiest transition into wallpaper is rich texture, and a chic way to achieve that is through grasscloth or raffia applications, like the vibrant blue variation in the Phillip Jeffries, Ltd., showroom pictured. Just remember that when going for the natural look, search for a paper that is vinyl or stain-resistant, because the moisture level in most bathrooms (especially small ones) can shorten the life of the covering.


Mix it up with metallic. Designer Charlotte Moss added glitz and glam to the pictured powdered room from Veranda with a metallic, silver leaf wallcovering. Opt for a similar foiled paper to give your master suite bath a modern opulent makeover, or show some love to an ignored half bath for maximum design wattage!


The best of both worlds. Got an affinity for solid color, or have a certain paint hue on the mind? Try paintable wallpaper (such as this one from Graham Brown), which is available in a vast array of textured patterns. Leave it white as it comes, or paint over it in the shade of your choice. For a subtle focal point, use it on one wall in the same paint color as the rest of your bath.


Are you willing to add wallpaper to your bathroom? Which design style suits your home the best?

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