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The Kelen Collection balances minimalistic lines with more streamlined elements, making this collection extremely versatile for a variety of modern and contemporary bathroom designs.
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The Kelen Collection

Introducing Pfister’s Kelen Collection Inspired Design “We looked towards Palm Springs as an innovation or an inspiration. Working with modern type of aesthetics, they’re focused on hard edges and softness. There are a lot of really great materials that…

The Venturi faucet is a statement piece. Bold, yet elegant Venturi delivers water in a unique ribbon. Its versatile design can easily be combined with a variety of bathroom styles, making it an outstanding choice for any remodel project.
Bath Product Stories

The Venturi Faucet Story

Inspiration for Pfister’s Venturi faucet came from fashion, interior design, musical instruments and architecture trends focused around a common theme of fluid lines. Looking at many musical instruments like guitars, pianos and even more dramatically, violins, our design team hoped…

The faucet offers a beautiful contrast of clean modern elegance and stirring visual angularity.
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Arkitek Design Story

Pfister’s Arkitek design started with an eclectic collection of faucet sketches capturing modern styles in architecture, fashion and automotive trends. Ideas inspired by geometric jewelry and angular sports cars like the Ferrari La Ferrari were shared beside concepts showcasing many of modern…

Bath Product Stories

Free-Standing Tub Fillers

Pfister proudly introduces our newest freestanding tub fillers designed for freestanding and clawfoot bathtubs. More than an accessory, tub fillers are a showcase fixture designed to add luxury and uncompromising style. Modern Tub Filler Escape to your happy place. Allow the…

A perfect blend of classic and and modern design elements, The Arterra bath collection exemplifies the notion of “old is new”.
Bath Product Stories

The Arterra Design Story

A perfect blend of classic and and modern design elements, The Arterra bath collection exemplifies the notion of “old is new”. For the classic elements of Arterra, the Pfister design team looked to a previous bathroom faucet from our…


Bathroom Water Super-Savers

Global water quality and individual water conservation go hand in hand. By decreasing water consumption we can reduce the energy used to heat the water and lower the impact on water and treatment facilities. According to, bathroom water…


10 Must-Do Measurements Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel

Do-it-yourself (DIY) bathroom updates can be difficult to plan due to tight spaces and location-specific plumbing. With a little elbow grease and ample preparation, new plumbing fixtures and hardware can be installed at low costs to homeowners. As with…


Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Frozen Pipes

This is a guest post from ImproveNet’s Jacob Hurwith. The weather has not been too kind this winter and as a result, many are dealing with high power bills. While they can fluctuate no matter what the conditions outside…

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5 Key Bathroom Remodeling Questions

This is a guest post from ImproveNet’s Jacob Hurwith. Bathroom remodeling is among the top DIY projects homeowners tackle every month. It is the second most trafficked room in the home – so other than the kitchen, the dream…

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Create a Personal Spa-Like Retreat

What makes a spa unique and desirable? The spa is not only a personal escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle – a place where personal wellness is a priority. Its soothing tones and simple decor allows relaxation and…