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Clever New Year’s Eve tables for under $50!

Take a look at few rally-worthy New Year’s themed tablescapes that can be put together for less than $50.00

Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas are behind us and what a terrific 2015 it has been! After the hustle and bustle of holiday gifting, community giving, family gatherings and festive decorating both our wallets and energy may be running low.

“But it’s New Year’s Eve! Do we have one more holiday party left in us this year?” We think so! Take a look at few rally-worthy New Year’s themed tablescapes that can be put together for less than $50.00.

Bubbly Buffet

Few objects are more iconic than champagne and bubbles for New Years Eve! Pick up an assortment of pearl-tone balloons in various mono-chromatic shades. Blow them up to different diameters and tape to your wall behind a buffet table to create this classy look. If you have an extra few minutes or extra balloons, continue the wall art up across the ceiling and across into another room to really give the feeling that the bubbles are flowing! The trick is to have one continuous stream with the smallest “bubbles” tapering off to the end.

Continue the bubble theme with a champagne punch crowned with floating balled melons, round ice cubes, white frosted donuts dusted with edible glitter (or colored sugar) in the same tones as your balloons. Use the rest of your budget to stock up on champagne for a midnight toast!

Pearlized Ballons

Pearlized Balloons from honeyandfitz.com


Let it Glow!

If you are expecting nice weather in your region for Thursday night than this tablescape might be just right for you! New Year’s Eve is one of the few times a year where “GLOW” works for everyone. Whether you have a majestic outdoor banquet table on the patio or casual picnic seating under the trees, this glow theme is easy to stage and guarantees to set the mood for a light-hearted evening.

The key to getting the full effect of the glow is to stage the environment with as dark a space as possible. With safety as your first priority, turn off or dim any lights that are non-essential. Also consider redirecting flood lights for the evening if they are casting too great a brightness on your desired seating area.

To continue darkening the space, dress any tabletops with black table cloths. Black linens are great if you have them on hand otherwise plastic covers from $1 stores work just as well. Tableware should be black or clear to assist with getting the most reflections and colors (paper and plastic are perfect for this occasion). Once you have darkened your space as much as possible, it is time to get wild with GLOW! Set each seat at the table with glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces and anything else you can get your hands on inexpensively. Fill clear pitchers with ice water and float a few glowing golf balls inside; use kid’s glow paints to mark designs on the tablecloth; borrow optical lamps and LED objects from friends. Get creative!

Glow In the Dark Table from partywirks.com


Nature Shines

There is just something magical about ringing in the new year surrounded in the glamour of sparkling gold and silver and it’s totally possible to achieve even on a $50 budget! The key to creating this look is to layer your table with various shines from matte to glittered in the same metallic color scheme.

To start this tabletop design go scavenging the backyard for branches (one for each tree you want to make). If you plan to sit at the table for most of the evening keep the branches as high as possible to avoid disrupting your guests’ line of sight. Prune to smooth out the twig then spray with gold or silver spray paint. Want to kick it up?! Add some glitter! Add more shinny elements by stringing pearls or strands of crystal garland on the branches or hanging tea lights as shown in the inspiration.

“Plant” the branches in matching containers make from weighted boxes, cans, or anything you have around the house (sprayed of course in a tonal paint). Cover the bases with flower petals, tissue paper, confetti, or anything inexpensive you can find in the same color family.

Here’s where this design can go as ornate or as simple as you feel your evening wants to be. To add more table elements you will shortly become a master spray painter and any household object is your canvas. Have some gourds? Spray them! A dozen glass soda bottles? Spray away! Keep things mono-chromatic but with varying shades of shine and nothing is off limits.

PRO TIP: To add some whimsy to the dinner table, find an element that represents each guest at your table and (you guessed it)…spray it. Create a cornucopia of the personal objects as the centerpiece on the table to add a level of personalization and interest. It WILL look odd at first but assure your guests that it has meaning. As midnight approaches, honor each of your guests with a personal toast of thanks for why the object on the table makes you smile and think of them.


Gold Manzanita Centerpieces from tradesy.com


Pretty Printables

If you’re feeling less-than-creative but still want to look like a DIY whiz let some of our friends on Pinterest do the heavy lifting! With a good color printer, a paper cutter, and a quality scissor you can create party decor just like the pros.

Before you decide on a direction do a quick inventory around the house. Think about using leftover holiday wrapping, consider the crafting tools you have handy, and gather the objects that are a “must” for your holiday table. Getting organized in advance will help you narrow down your favorite ideas in the sea of endless possibilities and will save you time (the clock is ticking)!

We have curate a “New Year’s Eve Free Printables” Pinterest board with lots of our favorite printables to help you get started. Considering what you already have to work with choose your printable decor around a central theme like “time”, “black and white”, “glitter and gold”, etc. Remember to keep the materials budget in mind when making your selection–a “small” project can turn expensive and time consuming quickly!

Create your own board and pin your favorites, then shop for whatever materials or supplies you may need. Print, assemble, and take the compliments on your clever and oh-so-creative holiday table!


Mustache Straw Printable from StrawberryMommycakes.com



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