Guest Post: Bungalow Bathroom Transformation


EditorPlease welcome our second guest blogger, Mikki. As the owner of a Florida Bungalow she is in the middle of a large refurbishment process for her home, including her bathroom.

When we first stepped onto the front porch of this house, we knew almost immediately that it was ours. An old house yes, but definitely a place we would make our home. One of the main reasons we love our home is all the character it has. Beautiful wide base boards, the original pine flooring, tall ceilings, and so much more. Some of that character was even in the quirky things we found inside.

At some point in this house’s history, a previous owner decided to give the upstairs bathroom character by putting old tin ceiling tiles up. Now, in thought, I guess this made sense, but in reality, no.

A bathroom, especially one without a vent, is wet and humid at times. Moisture and tin don’t mix. We know this because as we ripped the ceiling down we found rust and even mold spots all over the place. YUCK.

It was hard to see the ‘character’ of the tin ceiling go, but we had a vision of a ‘comfy cozy cottage’ type bathroom and hoped that it would take on its own character when we were done.

After a lot of researching, looking at magazines, online pictures, and books, we started our project.

The bathroom that once looked like this


Slowly began to show its character


The double vanity replacement decision took a lot of thought. We priced out having the same thing rebuilt but that was way out of our price range, so we decided to go with two single vanities.

At the time when we found the vanities, we were contacted by Pfister faucets. We were given the chance to review one of their new faucet lines and help promote a special 10 Day Giveaway they were doing on Facebook.

We were thrilled to be able to do this and quickly fell in the love with the Pasadena faucets. They fit perfectly with our new vanities not only in function but looks.


A plumber was called in to move some pipes for us and he was even impressed with how well the Pasadena faucets were made and how everything that was needed to hook them up was all in box.

In the end, what was once a quirky character point in our home, had now taken on the ‘comfy cozy cottage’ character we desired.



Thank you for letting us share this journey with you! Please share photos of your Pfister faucet on Pfister’s Facebook page. We’d love to see them.

Mikki blogs about making her 100 year old Florida bungalow a home at Our Florida Bungalow and her other miscellaneous life stuff at The Not So Perfect Housewife.

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  • wendyd
    October 1, 2013 at 9:32 am

    Love the new molding! Will keep this in mind when we redo the guest bathroom, such an impact for a small space.

  • Shawna
    January 9, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    I really like the new character of the bathroom! We have an older home and are trying to keep cottage character a priority. New bathroom hardware is in the future for us. I think finding a style is easier than a finish I like. Easy to clean is a priority.