Kitchen Solutions: School is in Session
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Kitchen Solutions: School is in Session

Your school days might be years (or decades) behind you, but what would you say if we told you that a great design inspiration could be found where you left your pencils, notepads and backpack? That’s right. Chalkboard paint may be nothing new, but in the past years, it’s been popping up in unexpected places around the home in chic and elegant ways. Our favorite place? The kitchen backsplash! It’s an incredibly cost effective way to give your cooking space a facelift with a fun, whimsical twist. Your elementary school teacher would be so proud!


Try this at home:

  • First impressions. Before embarking on your chalkboard journey, you have to find the right paint. There are tutorials online on how to make your own, but we think for the most polished, chic finish, a high quality paint, like Benjamin Moore’sStudio Finish Chalkboard, will work best. It’s durable, goes on easily, and has minimal odor during application.
  • Start small. If you aren’t sold on the idea of going all-out with the chalkboard paint, experiment with a smaller area, like your pantry door, a portion of your backsplash (such as right over your range), or even a cabinet or two. For a classic touch, add some molding to frame in the area you choose to paint.
  • Get creative. Your new backsplash (or cabinet fronts, or pantry door front) is now a revolving palette for creativity! Use it to stylistically write out your favorite recipe, shopping lists, or even have fun with patterns (like this quirky herringbone design.
  • Bright idea. Black chalkboards can be pretty dark (for obvious reasons) so illuminate things by adding some rope lighting or spotlights under your top cabinets. For warmth, incandescentrope lights will do the trick, or you can find inexpensive press lights, such as these from Ikea, to brighten up specific areas.

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