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Modern Industrial Design 4 Smart Tips to Create Timeless Style


Whether you live in an urban loft or a ranch-style home in the suburbs, industrial elements add a trendy touch of minimalism to your home’s decor. Features like exposed brick walls, plank wood floors, and metal tables combine form and function — think Frank Lloyd Wright meets early 20th century factories — into interesting living spaces. This design style isn’t for the faint of heart, but with a little experimentation, you can blend industrial design features into your home.

1. Start with the Kitchen

Filled with box-shaped, metal-clad appliances, the kitchen is a natural place to try out streamlined industrial features in your home. You can start with a simple project like installing metal shelves on the walls or adding stainless steel countertops and faucets. Or, if you’re ready to dive right into a complete renovation, take out a drop ceiling to expose pipes and air ducts or remove plaster or drywall covering an existing brick wall to reveal an eye-catching backsplash or focal point in the room. Don’t forget to look for hardware and faucets, like our Stellen Collection, specifically designed for this style.

2. Strike a Balance

Industrial elements give a room a sleek, contemporary look with interesting yet simple details, but too much metal and wood can feel cold and uninviting. You can avoid this by balancing the room with a few softer pieces. Add throw pillows to the sofa or drape soft blankets across the bed — the juxtaposition of soft and stark looks great. Strategically place colorful works of art on the wall, and consider fabric window treatments to give the room some warmth.

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3. Aim for Contrast

Contrast is king in the world of industrial design, and you can use it to highlight specific pieces or features in a room. Pair a shiny concrete floor with matte gray walls; mix silver metals with copper or wood; or place different shades and stains of wood side by side. Look for pieces that already incorporate contrast, such as tables made from metal and wood or stamped tiles to space out on concrete walls or floors.

4. Add an Accent

If you’re not yet ready to completely redesign your home, add some industrial flair through accent pieces. Reclaimed and repurposed pieces and materials lend themselves to this style, making this an economical and eco-friendly design scheme. Swap a traditional coffee table with a vintage trunk, or use a discarded library card catalog as a TV stand. Skip the CFL lights and use Edison-style bulbs in your lamps and chandeliers.


Image Credit: Public Domain

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