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Style Editor: Back to Black

The color black is a funny thing. It’s one of the most comforting hues to don. We wear it in all capacities without thinking twice about it; it’s a fallback, a go-to for most people. Even in design, some things are effortlessly black, like a couch, a rug, or picture frames. However, uttering the word “wall” after “black” is somehow downright scary to most. The mention of a black kitchen, for that matter, might conjure up cold sweats or an elevated heart rate. Why? Black, particularly when balanced with crisp white, is a classic color combination and incredibly posh and chic when executed properly, especially in a space like your kitchen.

When we saw this enviable room on House Beautiful’s website recently while surfing for some design inspiration, our love affair with black cabinetry was heightened. Somehow, the kitchen is light and airy, even though it’s void of color. There are a few keys employed throughout that you can use in your own home to get a similar look.

Try this in your own space:

Back it up. When you opt for ebony cabinetry, a simple white backsplash is the perfect complement to keep things cool and open. A glass tile backsplash with hints of grey or silvery could also work nicely, for less is always going to be more in this scenario.

Play with pattern. When your kitchen is as straightforward as the one pictured, there’s room to play with patterns in places such as your floors. A budget-friendly option is floor rugs (in the same two-tone palette as the rest of the room), or if there is more money to work with, go bold with a checkered tile or chevron-painted wood. It’ll make a huge statement and look very high-end.

Glass appeal. To keep the space open and let it breathe, glass fronts on your top cabinets are a must. You’ll have to keep your shelving pretty organized and streamlined, but it’ll take the design to the next level.

White out. Make sure to properly balance a black room with tons of white and silver to lighten the space. Pick white shades for any windows, display a collection of all-white ceramics, use aluminum and stainless-steel furnishings an fixtures, and paint an adjoining wall a bright white.

Finishing touch. We think a satin or eggshell finish to the black paint used on any cabinetry and/or molding would be the best option. A little sheen will subtly reflect the white accents used throughout, giving the kitchen an allusion of more light.

Get inspired by adding a little black to your kitchen then take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page.

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