Style Editor: Comfy Culinary Confines
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Style Editor: Comfy Culinary Confines

Finding space to be comfy can be difficult, especially if you have small rooms in your home. Using cozy furnishings that have a purpose and aren’t too large, will leave you room to move around and still be stylish. Here are a few space-savvy and utilitarian suggestions to deal with a confining kitchen.

Before you go. The first thing you will need to do before updating your kitchen is to map out traffic patterns on your kitchen floor and determine what space you have to work with. Measure your open spaces and write it down. Afterwards, it’s time to go shopping!

Kitchen nook to café. The latest trend is transforming a corner of your kitchen into a corner breakfast nook. Designers are taking nooks a step further by adding a bench or a booth to the side of the kitchen’s wall space, which in return gives the space a comfy, café look. This family diner style set has a wonderful retro-style.

On the spot service. Your kitchen may be too tight for an island, but you can still compliment your existing counter space with a rolling bar cart. Use it in the kitchen to store service dishes, then roll it directly over to your table for service. With everything at your fingertips you won’t even have to leave the table to refill your drinks or plates.


Value your walls. With counter space at a premium, make use of small spice racks or collectible shelves to store cookbooks and other frequently used items. These floating shelves from Blancho give you the flexibility to hang your items within reach, while maintaining a comfy feeling in your kitchen.


Bridge the Space. Unite the kitchen and dining experience by continuing the style of one space into the other. Use the same paint color, frames, cabinets, or shelving in both rooms to make each seem larger.

Do you have a cozy kitchen? Share your space saving solutions in the comments or on our Facebook fan page.

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