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Style Editor: Signature Sinks

“I’m remodeling my bathroom and love the look vessel faucets such as the Jaida and Ashfield from Pfister. I could use a little help in deciding which lavatory sink works best with trough faucets. What styles should I consider?” - Jane K. Oceanside, OR

Vessel or trough style faucets are very much in vogue these days. Their signature look brightens any bathroom decor. Retro, chic, country, modern, artsy, and unique any bathroom with a vessel faucet is sure to get a wow from your guests.

Another benefit of the vessel style faucet is that it allows you to raise your sink bowl with a countertop mount. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, finishes, and shapes the options are nearly endless. When deciding which sink to pair your faucet with, we have a few suggestions that will help you narrow your choices.

Glass sinks - The beauty of glass sinks is how they can be illuminated to set any mood. We like the ones that feature tempered frosted glass or event embed a design inside. Lux Sinks


Iron or Copper bowl - These style sinks are very popular. The bowl shape is gently curved and not too far from the traditional sink, making it a good choice for someone who just wants a small change to their sink. Matching the sink finish with the finish of your faucet is important to complete the look. Pfister Ashfield Faucet.

Natural Designs - For those who enjoy communing with nature, you can have your sink echo a shape commonly found in nature. Leaf sinks are bowl-like sinks that have the shape of a natural leaf as if it’s floating down a small stream. This creates a beautiful focal point for your bathroom.Legion Furniture


Troughs - When you want separate faucets, but only have room for one sink, the trough sink offers an option. Available build-in or a countertop mount, trough sinks are long enough to accommodate two faucets that lead to a single drain. This copper trough from Mexican Copper has a great old fashioned look.


These are just a few ideas. The variety of countertop sinks has really expanded in the last few years giving you a wide range of choices to fit your bathroom style. Whatever your choice, a vessel faucet and countertop sink will elevate your bathroom to a new level.

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