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Featured Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen Solutions Go for the Green

“I’m interested in some ideas for how I can ‘green’ up my kitchen. What changes can I implement to make it more environmentally friend and healthy for my family without a full renovation?” ~ Stefanie Brady, Greenwich, Connecticut There…

General Kitchen

Style Suite: Win A Modern Kitchen

This month’s Style Suite is all Modern. The chrome and steel look is popular for modern designers, providing a clean, minimalist look. To provide visual interest, try pairing your chrome kitchen with a pop of color. Here, we incorporated…

kids in kitchen 2

Kitchen Solutions: A Kitchen Redesign With Kids in Mind

Cooking as a family is a great way to bond and teach valuable nutrition skills as well as being really fun. If you’re considering a family-friendly kitchen remodel, here’s some ideas to make it easy-to-use, yet safe, for the…


Kitchen Solutions: Where’s That Spatula

Whether you’re a professional chef, or you thrive on Ramen noodles, chances are you have a plethora of kitchen tools and utensils to choose from. When it comes to finding the appropriate tools you need in an instant, an…


Kitchen Solutions: Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air which means now is the perfect time to open up the house and let the fresh air in. What better place to start than the kitchen? With the weather turning warmer our thoughts turn…

Interior Design

Kitchen Solutions: Finding Your Hook

When our friends tell us they’re planning their next kitchen remodel, they often drag out a scrapbook of photos and products they want in their dream kitchen. This is a great way to get buried under the idea of…


Kitchen Solutions: Pantry Perfection

We’ve all experienced the infamous “pantry crash”–where you open the cabinet door and seven spice containers immediately leap from the shelves and come crashing down on your head. It’s easy to blame the cabinets, or the spices, or the…


Kitchen Solutions: Island Time

Conjure up an image of what your dream kitchen would be like. Did you do it? Was a sprawling island with counter seating and a plethora of storage part of that pretty mental picture (maybe it even looked something…


Kitchen Solutions: The Path to Fresh

“I’m sick of purchasing pricey herbs at the supermarket every week. I’d love to have my own herb garden, but I live in an apartment with not much outdoor space. What can I do?” -Lacey Dunham, Nashville, TN For…