The Collection: Eco-friendly Bathrooms


Going green is the latest home-trend but is one that’s essential in preserving Mother Earth and our natural resources. And bathrooms are no exception. Low-flowing faucets and toilets and lights that come on whenever someone walks into a bathroom are energy-efficient and making a difference.

Nowadays homeowners are transforming their bathrooms into cost-efficient lavatories. Find out what environmental-friendly bathroom products and resources are creating a buzz in the design world.


Price Pfister’s award-winning, water-saving Pasadena faucet for your bathroom comes in a variety of decorative options and reduces water consumption in your home by 30 percent. The three-hole faucet is WaterSense compliant and features a sleek design with metal lever handles and a quick underbody installation and unites style and functionality.

For bath time, Price Pfister offers the multi-functional Pasadena hand-held for tub and shower. The device includes a sprayhead, a massager, combo and pause features.


When looking for an eco-friendly commode, buy Caroma’s Adelaide Cube 270 Easy Height Round Front Plus toilet. The high-efficiency toilet (HET) is WaterSense-labeled and showcases contemporary design with a two-piece, two-button dual flush, a 16.5 bowl and a large, fully concealed trap-way.


Invest in a PIR (Passive Infrared Radiation) occupancy sensor for your bathroom. Occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on when a person enters the bathroom and off when they leave with energy savings between 32-72 percent.
Show-off your design-diva skills with Solara by Solara is made from elemental chlorine-free paper pulp and 25 percent of reusable energy through hydroelectric facilities. Fifty percent of the pulp is also from the Forest Stewardship Council.


Save your bathroom with a hemp shower curtain. The curtain prevents water from spraying outside of the shower without a plastic liner. The shower curtain will get wet but not leak through. Hemp shower curtains also air-dry, which prevents mold growth. If you decide to go the liner route, then use one with PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate) instead of PVC ones.
Add haute hues to your bathroom without having to worry about cancer-causing toxins with Mythic’s no-VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) paint.

Planet-saving Projects

If you’re undertaking a larger bathroom remodeling project, consider utilizing eco-friendly options. Decorate your tub or shower with recycled glass like vetrazzo and create countertops from Richlite, which is manufactured from recycled paper or with ECOverings’ bio-glass.


Modernize and restore old lighting fixtures from yesterday by giving them a new life. Another idea is taking advantage of natural light by installing skylights in your bathroom. Additional windows in the bathroom and shower can also make a difference. Taking advantage of sunlight without using unnecessary lighting, especially during the day will lower your energy costs and keep green-living at the forefront of our daily lives.

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