The Collection: French Flair
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The Collection: French Flair

The French are celebrated for many things: wine, cheese, the perpetually-famous Eiffel tower, and, of course, style. They innately know how to mix effortless with chic, and translate that into every arena of life, including the home. Essentially, they are mix masters that have perfected a balancing act of aesthetics. Much like its natives, a French kitchen is sleek yet rustic, open yet cozy, and inspiring yet grounding. Simply put: they make you want to cook, and cook well! Try out some—or all—of our picks to introduce a little French zest into your kitchen. Bon appetit!

Cadenza faucet

Start with this bronze faucet to inject a little old-world European flavor. Its classic shape and finish instantly transports you to another time and place—Provence, perhaps?

Wooden European table; $1,299


We love how this table and the bistro chairs don’t match perfectly, almost as if they came together piece-by-piece, adding that certain je nais se quoi to your breakfast nook.

Tolix Marais A chair; $212.5


The ever-popular tolix chair is used throughout cafes in France, and adds a playful, yet industrial vibe to a rustic table.

Chambord coffee maker; $39.95

Bodum-Chambord-French-Press No French kitchen is complete without a French press. This one from Bodum is a classic. Bring on the café au lait and croissants!

Clarissa glass drop chandelier; $399


French woman know how to accessorize without going overboard. This ultra-glam chandelier would be great over a farmhouse table, or a kitchen island (in which case, we’d use two—like a beautiful set of earrings) for that perfect finishing touch.

Marseille napkins—set of 4; $28


Blue and yellow is a classic French color combination, and the print is very country-chic.

Edge wine glasses; $11.95


Just like the Bodum French press, wine glasses are a must. But opt for a less traditional shape like these cylindrical ones from Crate and Barrel for a pleasant design twist.

Eiffel tower bottle opener and corkscrew set; $43


The Eiffel tower might be to the French what Disney World is to those from Orlando, Florida (a tourist trap), but these silver-plated trinkets are a whimsical addition to any Parisian-inspired bar area.

Richelieu matte nickel/crystal pull; $17.9


The crystal and the nickel in these understated cabinet pulls pick up the glass from the chandelier and steel from the chairs. Parfait!

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