The Collection: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
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The Collection: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A good mirror is essential for the bathroom. Beyond being useful, a mirror can completely alter the look of your bathroom and should be the centerpiece of your design. The possibilities for shapes, styles and treatments are endless, but make sure that your mirror, lighting and vanity all follow the same style. Traditional bathroom designs work well with framed, oval mirrors. Contemporary designs favor unframed mirrors. If you’re thinking about redesigning your bathroom and aren’t sure of the design direction, find a mirror that inspires you and use that as your launching point.

Here are a few mirrors that we like.

We found this frameless, laser-cut AQ Hayon mirror and instantly fell in love with it. It would work perfectly in a transitional-style bathroom design – combining traditional and modern elements. It’s elegant and sophisticated and makes a bold statement.


If a traditional look is more your style, consider decking out your bathroom with two Horchow circular wooden mirrors. The dark chestnut-brown finish would work perfectly over dual pedestal sinks to lend a manly, nautical feel to your bathroom.


For those who’s taste is more on the contemporary side, Waterworks offers an ultra-sleek stainless steel wall mounted turning mirror. Simple, yet bold, the frame-less beveled mirror works perfectly in a contemporary bathroom design.

Do you have a favorite mirror style? Which of these three mirrors do you like most?

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