The Collection: Mod Squad
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The Collection: Mod Squad

There’s something about mid-century modern design that attracts people of all ages. Maybe it’s the streamlined, unfussy aesthetic, or perhaps it’s the retro-yet-space-aged vibe—either way, adding mod touches gives your home that cool factor hard to find in many other decor schemes.

Want to go ’50s nostalgic in your kitchen, but don’t have a big budget? We’ve whipped up a few affordable options that will add just the right touch of mod squad vibe! Groovy.

Pfister Solo kitchen faucet - Start building your modern-meets-retro kitchen with a sleek faucet, like the Solo in a stainless steel finish. The ultra-sleek, streamlined design of the Solo captures the essence of smart simplicity with its unfettered design and intuitive functionality.


Mibo tile tattoos - If you want to change up the look of your backsplash but don’t want to spend big bucks, try a tile tattoo. We think the pattern of the Shanklin line suits the mod look perfectly. Just apply them to your existing tiles and you’re good to go

222 Fifth Avenue Verdant 16-piece dinnerware set - One component of mod design that is important to never forget is the fun factor, like the vibrant print of this ceramic plate set. It’s so retro chic, we can almost taste the ambrosia salad.


Oggi egg stainless steel kitchen timer - Contemporary conveniences leave little use for a countertop kitchen timer these days—what a drag. Tap into your childhood nostalgia by opting for this neat-o stainless steel egg timer instead of your high-tech range functions.


Facil dining table - A breakfast table is one of the staples of a mid-century modern kitchen area. You and your guests will be over the moon for this wooden beauty when paired with Azzo’s white plastic pod-like chairs.


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