The Collection: Seaside Style


Sure, it’s been a pretty mild winter this year all around, but still somehow, the idea of a seaside escape is no less alluring just because snowstorm frequencies are way below average currently. A getaway to a spa-like beach bungalow to jumpstart spring? Yes, please! Don’t wait for the mercury to rise, though. Instead, outfit your bathroom right now with everything you need to transport you to that warm wind-in-your-hair, sand-beneath-your-feet oasis.

The Avalon faucet from Pfister evokes memories of days spent along the coast. Clean flowing lines reminiscent of tranquil ocean waves and windswept curves define the Avalon Collection. Ocean breeze not included. Avalon Three Hole Centerset


The color of these plush towels is so serene and subdued. Perfect for a luxurious, beach-inspired space! Elizabeth Arden The Spa Collection


Bed Bath and Beyond Towels

Roll up your towels and stash them away, along with your other bathing goods, in these woven rattan baskets. The brown lacquer finish will add warmth to all the cool tones. Sedona small



Just like snowflakes, no two seashells are alike. Borrow that same one-of-a-kind quality for your bathroom with this textural mirror. Round White Star Limpet Shell



Faux coral is a stylish way to add sophisticated yet casual charm to any space. Opt for a piece (or two) in off-white to introduce texture without detracting from the rest of the décor. Faux Coral in


Z gallerie faux-coral-ivory

The polished pearlescent surface of this clamshell soap dish reflects light beautifully. Use it to hold luscious bath goods or jewelry. Giant White Polished Mussel Clam Sea Shell Soap



Nothing says beach retreat like gorgeous glass mosaics (well, besides a killer ocean view.) The sea glass color palette of these hand-cut tiles elicits a visual sigh. Though a bit of a splurge, it’ll make a bold, luxurious statement.



With an assembly of accessories like the above, all you need is a bit of sunlight and your favorite beach book to convince yourself you’re really at the beach. What have you brought back from the beach to add to your collection?

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