The Collection: Soak It Up


Ah, the bathroom: For some, it’s the first stop in the morning, and the last stop at night; a functional space that doesn’t inspire anything more than basic grooming. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Take this calming and streamlined bathroom featured in House Beautiful for example, with its stately pedestal bathtub, sparkling faucet, and eclectic architectural chandelier—a space like this would surely become your go-to spot for some quiet, quality “me time.”

All it takes is a few key pieces, and you’re on your way to turning this dream bathroom into your reality! Get inspired by soaking up our tips and picks below:


Bathing Beauty. Nothing says spa like a freestanding tub; we’re particularly drawn to the classic lines of this Elizabethan Classics. Think of it as your dedicated soaking/relaxing destination or your own personal getaway from the everyday. These bathing fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, and are made of various materials to suit all budgets. An acrylic tub will normally be more affordable and lightweight, while a copper or porcelain-covered cast iron bath will be a bit more of an investment. Pair it with a gleaming fixture, like the elegant Pfister Savannah faucetwith handheld shower and exposed mounting.


Star Power. Make a statement with a light fixture like this antique mirror star pendant. The three-dimensional shape adds grandeur above, while the finish has a handed-down-for-generations feel. After all, while you’re laying back and soaking up the serenity of your new bathroom, you’ll need something to focus on, so why shouldn’t it be something visually interesting and phenomenal?


Step Up. Classic leaning wood ladders are having a moment in design lately, and are being used in all different means and manners. This teak variety with built-in shelf is perfect to prop up against your wall to store fresh rolled up towels, bath salts and aromatic candles. Keep it close to your tub to have everything in reach!


What do you think is the most important element of a dream bathroom where you can relax and let the outside world slip away, at least for awhile?

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