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Upcycling: Give New Life To Old Furniture


Your design inspiration includes a beautiful room full of exquisite accessories, rich with detail and character. Unfortunately, you lack the professional decor budget to make your design dreams come true the traditional way. Thankfully, there are ways to create unique and eye-catching pieces without spending a fortune.

The easiest way to begin your budget-but-beautiful search is frequenting your local antique stores or yard sales. Here are some easy-to-accomplish projects that will turn previously loved finds into something extraordinary:

Repurpose an Old Frame

Older frames are full of character and style. However, when you find one, it might be missing pieces, making it useless as a frame. While you could fix the issue, consider getting creative and making a vanity tray instead.While most home decor incorporates some sort of framed art or photography, a vanity tray is a unique piece many professionals use in their looks.

Frame as Vanity – The Decorologist

How To: Find a great frame, and remove all the hanging hardware so the frame will lay flat. Then, place a piece of fabric or colored paper inside the frame. The finished product is an amazing vanity tray that makes the perfect addition to an elegant bathroom or dressing table.

Reuse an Old Ladder

Vintage ladders were made of wood, instead of current home improvement store’s standard metal. Search for a vintage wooden ladder – the right piece can add interest and functional storage to your home design.

Ladder Storage from DIY-Enthusiasts

Ladder Storage from DIY-Enthusiasts

Laundry Rack from Little Lucy Lu and Remodelaholic

Laundry Rack from Little Lucy Lu and Remodelaholic

Towel Rack from 12 Oaks Blog

Towel Rack from 12 Oaks Blog

How To: Vintage ladders can become either a convenient storage shelf, lux laundry sorter, or savvy towel rack. For a gorgeous storage shelf, follow the steps provided by DIY-Enthusiasts; to create a laundry rack, try this tutorial from Remodelaholic and Little Lucy Lu; if you’re looking for bathroom decor inspiration, 12 Oaks Blog provides the details you’ll need.

Find a New Life for an Old Dresser

Another repurposed furniture item you’ll likely find in abundance at both antique shops and yard sales, are old dressers. These dressers can range from brand new finds to rough, scratched bargains. As long as the piece has good bones, it’s easy to reuse an old dresser by implementing just a few minor changes. It can also work in almost any room in the house!

Entryway Table Dresser from 86 Lemons

Entryway Table Dresser from 86 Lemons


Dresser as Kitchen Island

Dresser as Kitchen Island from Infarrantly Creative

How To: Obtain a well-built dresser. This is key! Remember, what it looks like is not as important as it’s structure. Repaint the dresser to match your current décor. You can use this dresser in any room you choose!

If you want to reuse your find in a more unique way, create an entryway table using the dresser. Simply paint or stain to match your tastes, then replace all the hardware to match. It makes the perfect place to store keys, mail, or any other item you might need before you head out.  You can even store pet items inside.

If you’re lacking kitchen storage, you can also create a one of a kind island. Follow the above directions to give it new life. To create a kitchen island, remove the top of the dresser and replace it with a kitchen island. Simply transfer the island top to the repurposed dresser, and you’ll have an amazing new storage space. To make it even better, mount a paper towel holder and hooks on the end.

These are just a few ideas to use to take something old and create an ideal piece of decor for your home. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you’re on your way to a professional look!

What other repurposed furniture have you upcycled on a budget?

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