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Bath Time: A Spa Inspired Bath

We all dream about those perfect vacations when an afternoon spent cloaked in a soft bathrobe after a hot bath feels good, rather than guilty. Well, imagine having that luxury every evening, after a long day’s work. It’s possible–and…


Bath Time: Under Cover

When you’re looking to give the walls of your bathroom a facelift, you have a few primary options: paint, tiles, or wallpaper. We know what you’re probably thinking about that last one: “Wallpaper? Absolutely not!” Don’t worry, we don’t…


Bath Time: Stay In Frame

“I have a full-wall vanity mirror in my master bathroom that I’d rather revamp than swap out. Is there anything I can do myself to make it look more customized so I don’t have to replace it?” ~ Patrick…


Bath Time: Wow Factor

“I don’t have the patience, or the time, to renovate my existing master suite, but I’m looking for some ideas to add some life into my boring, cluttered bathroom. How do I go about doing this while keeping the…


Bath Time: Vanity Fair

In a well designed home, every room has its focal point, be it a bold colored wall, a vibrant rug, or stunning piece of artwork. In the bathroom, the vanity area usually runs away with the show…that is, if…


Bath Time: Quick Fix

“I’m tired of the look of my bathroom, but don’t have a huge budget for a full renovation. What small changes can I make to make a big difference?”~Pfister Facebook fan If your own bathroom design needs echo that…


Welcome Home

Behind our faucets are real people. The homemaker, the busy family, the chef, and most importantly—you. Our products may make your residence a more beautiful place to live, but feeling like you’re home is not all about the fixtures.…