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All That Glitters Sparkling Wall Paint, and Grout, and Adhesives...Oh My!

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During the holidays we’re a little more likely to add sparkle and shine to our decor, but what about those seeking a year-round look? Craft paints and powders are available in virtually every hue but we searched to find solutions more suited for daily wear and tear.

Grout Glitter

Ready mixed sparkle grout is amazingly simple to use straight out of the tub. Suitable for all bathroom, kitchen tiles,  and mosaics this fully waterproof sparkle grout is available in Black, White, Red and Blue with silver sparkles running throughout.

What we love about grout glitter is that it’s an untraditional way to add shine to a space without going overboard. An otherwise neutral room can be dressed up quickly with a weekend project of replacing the grout. If you’re not ready to commit to fixed surfaces think about using grout glitter to create tiled art or a mosaic mirror frame to see if you like the aestethic of the finish before starting a larger project. Ranging in price from about $20-30 it’s an afforable option for most DIYers.

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Crystal Brush Wall Paint

Crystal Brush is a glitter paint which makes interior surfaces glisten and sparkle, giving your walls a contemporary look unmatched by any other paint. Easy to use, Crystal Brush will add a unique decorative flare to your space with just the swish of a brush.

The advanced Low VOC water-based formula of Crystal Brush utilizes fine glitters, producing a durable, lightly textured decorative finish which is ideal for elegant living and dining rooms, foyers, theaters, commercial and retail spaces. We like the idea of using this paint on an accent wall or to help create a pattern in a space without adding additional color. If you’re handy with masking tape or stencils Crystal Brush Wall Paint might be the shine solution you’ve been hoping for. (Priced around $140 per gallon.)


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Glitter Wallpaper

If you’re going to make a commitment to serious glitter high-quality wallpaper may be your best best for the range of colors, textures, and patterns it offers. The upside is that they are simply GORGEOUS once installed. The downside is that you should expect to spend $40-50 per square yard plus the cost of installation.

Because of the cost and the high-impact design effect, most online wallpaper retailers recommend using glitter wallpaper sparingly. Lining the insides of a bookshelf, wrapping a structural pole, or treating a ceiling will create depth and drama without breaking the bank.


Photos and products from The Wallpaper Place

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