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December 2011


The Collection: Compliments to the Chef

A Wolf range, a Sub-Zero double-door refrigerator, an almost-silent Bosch dishwasher—sure, all of those might be on your “Dream Kitchen” wish list, but you don’t necessarily need top-of-the-line appliances to be a five-star home chef (though, they surely wouldn’t…


Style Editor: Mix and Match

Kitchens are one of those things that sell a house for me. The floors can be bad, the paint colors might be frightening, but if the kitchen is good, I’m sold. If I were shopping around for a new…


Bath Time: Stay In Frame

“I have a full-wall vanity mirror in my master bathroom that I’d rather revamp than swap out. Is there anything I can do myself to make it look more customized so I don’t have to replace it?” ~ Patrick…


Kitchen Solutions: School is in Session

Your school days might be years (or decades) behind you, but what would you say if we told you that a great design inspiration could be found where you left your pencils, notepads and backpack? That’s right. Chalkboard paint…


Style Editor: What’s Old is New

Having just finishing flipping through a recent issue of Kitchen and Bath Ideas, a “special interest publication from Better Homes & Gardens, I was swimming in images of pristine, put-together kitchens where every aspect was planned cohesively. I admire the ability…


Lisa LaPorta Design Inspiration: Kitchen on a Budget

We’re happy to be featuring HGTV Host and Interior Design expert Lisa LaPorta in a new series of design inspiration videos. LaPorta will share her favorite tips on maximizing design in your kitchen and bath. With each video we will also…


The Collection: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A good mirror is essential for the bathroom. Beyond being useful, a mirror can completely alter the look of your bathroom and should be the centerpiece of your design. The possibilities for shapes, styles and treatments are endless, but…


Kitchen Solutions: Space Saver

“I live in an older home with tons of character, unfortunately, what it has in charm, it lacks in space, specifically in my kitchen. What can I do to maximize the space I have without a full remodel?”~Pfister Facebook…