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October 2011


Bath Time: Quick Fix

“I’m tired of the look of my bathroom, but don’t have a huge budget for a full renovation. What small changes can I make to make a big difference?”~Pfister Facebook fan If your own bathroom design needs echo that…


Kitchen Solutions: Spice It Up

“I like to be adventurous when I cook, and I use a lot of exotic spices on a regular basis but I need to organize them. I’m thinking of investing in a spice rack, but I’m not sure if…


The Collection: French Flair

The French are celebrated for many things: wine, cheese, the perpetually-famous Eiffel tower, and, of course, style. They innately know how to mix effortless with chic, and translate that into every arena of life, including the home. Essentially, they…


Welcome Home

Behind our faucets are real people. The homemaker, the busy family, the chef, and most importantly—you. Our products may make your residence a more beautiful place to live, but feeling like you’re home is not all about the fixtures.…

Interior Design

Style Editor: Destination Design

Magazine images of beautiful kitchens may catch our fancy, but let’s face it: they often lack a personal connection, making it difficult to really picture yourself there. I suggest a more organic way of creating the kitchen you desire.…