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November 2011


Style Editor: Farm to Table

If you’ve been reading our blog since its onset, it should come as no surprise that we have a soft spot for rustic, farmhouse tables. They can be surrounded by traditionally upholstered chairs, or encircled with more unexpected seating,…


Welcome From Lisa Laporta

Please welcome Interior Designer and HGTV Host Lisa Laporta as she introduces the new Pfister Kitchen & Bath Design Blog. The Kitchen & Bath Design Blog will be a place where designers share tips and professional insights that will…


Bath Time: Wow Factor

“I don’t have the patience, or the time, to renovate my existing master suite, but I’m looking for some ideas to add some life into my boring, cluttered bathroom. How do I go about doing this while keeping the…


Kitchen Solutions: Herb Window Boxes

“The kitchen is like my art studio. Iʼm really into creating my own recipes using fresh ingredients, but because of my space limitations, I donʼt have a garden to pull from. What should I do?” ~Karen Jackson, Culver City,…


The Collection: Budget Bathroom Makeover

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time and energy. You can cut costs by working with the space you have and refreshing and updating the walls, furnishings and accessories. Discover design…


Style Editor: Show Your Bones

Plumbing can be beautiful. When done right, exposed pipes under bathroom sinks can be very chic. There is something both old school and urban about it. I like how this bathroom is so clean and open A small bathroom…


Bath Time: Vanity Fair

In a well designed home, every room has its focal point, be it a bold colored wall, a vibrant rug, or stunning piece of artwork. In the bathroom, the vanity area usually runs away with the show…that is, if…


The Collection: Eco-friendly Bathrooms

Going green is the latest home-trend but is one that’s essential in preserving Mother Earth and our natural resources. And bathrooms are no exception. Low-flowing faucets and toilets and lights that come on whenever someone walks into a bathroom…


Style Editor: Color Splash

We’re always on the hunt for great design inspiration, DIY projects, and well, for pretty pictures of beautiful rooms to admire. On one of our recent perusal missions through our go-to shelter magazines, websites and television networks, we came…