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January 2012

Interior Design

Style Editor: Back to Black

The color black is a funny thing. It’s one of the most comforting hues to don. We wear it in all capacities without thinking twice about it; it’s a fallback, a go-to for most people. Even in design, some…


The Collection: Splish Splash

We are considering a clawfoot tub for our master bath and we’re looking for some ideas to help us fit it in with the rest of our home, which has a country charm about it – Melissa P., Portland,…


Style Editor: Comfy Culinary Confines

Finding space to be comfy can be difficult, especially if you have small rooms in your home. Using cozy furnishings that have a purpose and aren’t too large, will leave you room to move around and still be stylish.…


The Collection: Mod Squad

There’s something about mid-century modern design that attracts people of all ages. Maybe it’s the streamlined, unfussy aesthetic, or perhaps it’s the retro-yet-space-aged vibe—either way, adding mod touches gives your home that cool factor hard to find in many…


Kitchen Solutions: Island Time

Conjure up an image of what your dream kitchen would be like. Did you do it? Was a sprawling island with counter seating and a plethora of storage part of that pretty mental picture (maybe it even looked something…


The Collection: Soak It Up

Ah, the bathroom: For some, it’s the first stop in the morning, and the last stop at night; a functional space that doesn’t inspire anything more than basic grooming. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Take this…

Interior Design

Style Editor: Illuminating Spaces Set the Mood

Don’t be left in the dark when selecting luxurious lighting fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom. There’s a plethora of glowing options right at your fingertips and available at area home improvement and specialty stores. Interior lighting is essential…


Bath Time: Under Cover

When you’re looking to give the walls of your bathroom a facelift, you have a few primary options: paint, tiles, or wallpaper. We know what you’re probably thinking about that last one: “Wallpaper? Absolutely not!” Don’t worry, we don’t…


Kitchen Solutions: The Path to Fresh

“I’m sick of purchasing pricey herbs at the supermarket every week. I’d love to have my own herb garden, but I live in an apartment with not much outdoor space. What can I do?” -Lacey Dunham, Nashville, TN For…