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March 2013


How Do I: Make A Small Kitchen Look Larger?

The average American family spends 175 hours per month in their kitchen – almost one-quarter of our time! This central room has a large impact on our lives, so we’re providing tips on how to make the most out…

6 mini banana splits

Seven Days of Dinners

What goes better with a kitchen than quality time spent preparing meals with family and friends? In honor of national frozen food month, we’ve compiled some of our favorite recipes into dinner meal plans the whole family can enjoy…


Seeking Bloggers for Friends of Pfister

Want VIP perks such as freebies and conference sponsorship? Become a Friend of Pfister!  We’re seeking bloggers and vloggers in the design, DIY, family and home improvement spaces from across the country to share their views and become part of our kitchen and…


The Command Center: Organizing The Hub of Your Home

One of the most practical trends to gain popularity in this month’s kitchen central theme is the family command center. Think of this as your one stop shop for reminders, appointments, and scheduling. Whether you prefer DIY or the…