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July 2015

The Venturi faucet is a statement piece. Bold, yet elegant Venturi delivers water in a unique ribbon. Its versatile design can easily be combined with a variety of bathroom styles, making it an outstanding choice for any remodel project.
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The Venturi Faucet Story

Inspiration for Pfister’s Venturi faucet came from fashion, interior design, musical instruments and architecture trends focused around a common theme of fluid lines. Looking at many musical instruments like guitars, pianos and even more dramatically, violins, our design team hoped…

Venturi Style Suite Header
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Win the Venturi Style Suite

Our Venturi Style Suite Giveaway is designed around the curves and fluidity in musical instruments, cresting waves, and sleek aircraft that inspired our team to create Venturi. Venturi’s arched neck delivers a standout ribbon-like water flow perfectly blending modern design…

Featured Inspiration

Summer Trends!

by Whitney Spinks, Florida Flippers on HGTV Summer of Color The world seems more colorful and alive in the summer and so should your home. When revamping your home for summer, there is one thing to remember: COLOR! Redesigning your entire…