Style Editor: Mix and Match


Kitchens are one of those things that sell a house for me. The floors can be bad, the paint colors might be frightening, but if the kitchen is good, I’m sold. If I were shopping around for a new home, and stumbled across this kitchen, I’d be on the phone with my realtor faster than my spouse could say, “Shall we keep looking?”

But achieving the hominess that I’m drawn to in this room doesn’t necessarily involve a new address or mortgage deed. It’s all about piecing together items that look like the kitchen came together over time, but with some added modern amenities. It’s that mix of old and new that really gets my kitchen mojo going, and my palms itching to whip up a gastronomic masterpiece.

Try this at home:

  • Don’t be afraid to mingle materials. It adds charm. Choosing a kitchen island in a color or material that is different from the rest of your cabinetry injects that old-world, cozy vibe. Also, adding a butcher-block top to your island, when the rest of your countertops are, say…granite, kicks up the traditional style even more.
  • Go bold with a backsplash. The full tile mural really punches up this kitchen, and I love that there are no cabinets on that wall. It really lets the tile work shine and the space breathe. If you just can’t do without the storage, try open shelving—it’ll add an industrial feel and open up your kitchen. Plus, stainless-steel shelving is common in restaurants, and makes your culinary space seem more official!
  • Balance old with new. Stainless-steel appliances are definitely on the top of my can’t-live-without list of home goods (and probably yours, as well.) Instead of covering your fridge front, dishwasher or what have you in cabinetry for a streamlined look, let them shine (literally.) The hard and slightly cold edge of them is a great balance to warmer wooden surfaces. Consider them an accessory to the room, instead of trying to hide them!
  • Beam me up. Just because your home didn’t come with wooden beams, doesn’t mean you can’t add them. The ones in my dream kitchen are present without being overwhelming, and stained in a similar shade to the island top really ties everything together. Nothing like beautiful ceiling adornment to really add that finishing touch to a homey/rustic/I-need-now kitchen.

Photo CreditBuckminster Green LLC via Houzz.

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