Lisa LaPorta Design Inspiration: Kitchen on a Budget


We’re happy to be featuring HGTV Host and Interior Design expert Lisa LaPorta in a new series of design inspiration videos. LaPorta will share her favorite tips on maximizing design in your kitchen and bath. With each video we will also provide a few specific tips that you can try right away.

In design, there are few things that bring out your personality and décor aesthetic the way color does, so why not use this character-filled tool to inject some of yourself into the room you probably spend most of your time in: the kitchen. Introducing a new hue into your cooking space is the easiest and most cost-effective way to update it, not to mention really give it a custom-designed look. All you need is a few cans of primer, paint and sealer, a little elbow grease and some finishing touches, like a new faucet and some fresh hardware.

To start, pick a color that suits you and your home’s personality:


  • For an energetic burst, try a vibrant orange. This punchy shade is often associated with autumn and harvested crops, which actually awakens and stimulates your appetite—where better to open up your hunger than in the kitchen, right? Introduce orange into a tile backsplash and pair it with freshly painted crisp white cabinets.
  • Looking for something more relaxing, a soothing green is the right pick for you. When your mind processes this hue, it relates it to healing, health and serenity. If your kitchen is your natural, organic haven, opt for a lively lemongrass or an earthy asparagus.
  • Our favorite non-traditional color for a kitchen is a tranquil blue with just a touch of character (in particular, Benjamin Moore’sIntuition.) Repainting the typical brown or wood-colored cabinet fronts in a refreshing shade like this one wouldn’t be complete without swapping out old hinges, cabinet knobs and your faucet.
Benjamin Moore's Intution

Benjamin Moore’s Intution

Just keep in mind that when bringing in color, it’s best to keep all other elements—furniture, lighting, floors—neutral for balance


For Instance, we think a peaceful blue pairs perfectly with soft gray walls, and brushed nickel or stainless-steel hardware. You can keep it simple with classic round knobs like these (which usually are easier on your wallet) or invest in luxury pulls, such as these designer quatrefoil ones for a truly custom look. Top it all off with our sculptural Avalon Pullout faucet, and you’ll truly have a transformed kitchen that speaks volumes for your personal style, without spending a fortune. Good luck!


We shared some of our favorite colors to change up a kitchen, now it’s your turn to divulge. If you’re thinking of taking on the task of bringing some new hues into your space, chime in in the comments with your top picks and where you’ll use them!

Photo credit: Kitchen – Flickr CC Licensed by Susan Serra.

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