Bath Time: Quick Fix
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Bath Time: Quick Fix

“I’m tired of the look of my bathroom, but don’t have a huge budget for a full renovation. What small changes can I make to make a big difference?”~Pfister Facebook fan

If your own bathroom design needs echo that of our advice-seeking Facebook fan, know this: a little goes a long way. Don’t feel like you have to gut your whole bathroom to make a change for the better. Sometimes, all it takes is a few swaps, additions, or installs (especially in your vanity area) to turn your ordinary bathroom into a spa-like retreat. HGTV expert and renowned interior designer Lori Dennis chimed in with a few quick tricks you can do yourself with a small budget, a little vision and some manpower!

Try this at home:

1. Mirror trick. 
If you have a small powder room or bathroom, make it look bigger with a full-wall mirror. Add interesting framing or molding to it for a customized look. And for that added upscale aesthetic, try installing sconces directly onto the mirror. The light will reflect and fill the whole room with light. Or for an entirely different, an accessory mirror above each sink adds personality and symmetry.


2. Rise above. 
Every component you use in the design of a bathroom adds to the end result. Opt for an above-counter, vessel sink for an added layer of dimension and visual interest. Pair these with a vessel lavatory faucet, like the Ashfield.


3. Open and close.
For a tidy and airy spa-like retreat, open shelving cabinets are fun. You can display items like rolled up towels or decorative trays with perfume bottles. But if you’re more on the messier side, traditional cabinetry with doors is the way to go. Update doors with streamlined pulls or knobs that match your faucet.


4. Quick and easy.
If there’s no budget to change any permanent fixtures, try painting an interesting pattern on the wall like bold horizontal stripes in your favorite color scheme. Or if there’s a small budget, replacing your faucets will go a long way in updating your bathroom without breaking the bank. TheWayland faucet is a classic style and would be a great fit for a breezy, ocean-theme room, or the Ashfield for something more Zen and exotic.


Do you have any bathroom design tips, tricks or concerns? Share them with us on our Facebook fan page.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Lori Dennis Interior Design/Ken Hayden

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