Create a Personal Spa-Like Retreat
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Create a Personal Spa-Like Retreat

What makes a spa unique and desirable? The spa is not only a personal escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle – a place where personal wellness is a priority. Its soothing tones and simple decor allows relaxation and comfort, allowing rejuvenation of the mind and body. In 2013, many homeowners are using the spa’s qualities to create their own personal home escape. Whether you’re thinking of a complete bathroom renovation or considering adding comfortable accessories – here are some ways to add relaxation to your bathroom.

Light Colors - For a calming effect, select a light, muted color for your spa-inspired bath. Avoid white and select colors such as misted green, light gray, or sapphire blue.  If you prefer a simple shade, opt for a cream or beige. Stick with one or two relaxed hues to avoid a cluttered look.

Light Colors

Muskoka Cottage Contemporary Bathroom by Studio H Design


Heated Flooring - Take the chill off stone and tiled floors! Many are adding comfort to their bathroom this year by installing heated flooring. Floor warming mats, such as this SunTouch Floor Warming Mat from Home Depot is one luxury growing in popularity for 2013. It’s ultra-thin and installs beneath tile, stone, vinyl and laminate flooring. Unlike other heated flooring options, this mat is energy efficient and inexpensive to operate. Imagine the comfortable feeling of walking out of a shower and stepping on a radiant, heated floor.

Heated Flooring

SunTouch Floor Warming Mat from Home Depot


Natural Stone - Nature-inspired material such as stone is durable, functional, and connects your home to the outside world. It’s common in spas and an essential element to a relaxing, romantic feel.  Consider adding stone flooring and accent walls to add beauty and natural charm.


Bathroom by Stonewood, LLC


Simple Lines - Choose bathroom accessories that won’t distract from the minimalist look. A spa-inspired bath is constructed with simple, contemporary lines. Choose accents that will add to the balance and harmony. Pfister’s Kenzo Single Control, Centerset Bath faucet harmonizes with the bath’s natural feel with its sleek architecture and beautiful waterfall trough design.


Luxury Towels - Material is key to purchasing soft, high-quality towels that will outlast the years to come. Bamboo towels from Frontgate are highly absorbent, thermo-regulating and and come in neutral colors to complement a nature inspired bath.  While white towels denote luxury in the bathroom, other lighter colors provide a soothing effect.


Lighting - While adding a variety of lighting styles to your bathroom is key to a spa-like feel, recessed lighting should be a priority.  Recessed accent lighting fixtures have a minimized appearance, yet are most efficient in creating an ambient space. Both illuminating and task efficient, these fixtures  are versatile and remain unobtrusive. Install these lights above the bathtub and in places where you don’t need as much task lighting to add a warm glow. This recessed spot design by Anny Talli Nancioni is functional and doubles as bathroom decor.

Recessed Lighting

Aureliano Toso Albida recessed light by Interior Deluxe


Sensory - The final piece to your spa-like bathroom is the aroma. Lavender, vanilla and chamomile promote relaxation and allow you to de-stress while mint works best for a rejuvenating, energizing experience. Add candles of different heights around the bath to add depth, dimension and interest. Many candles come in neutral color jars that will work with many bathroom designs.



After a busy day, you deserve a rejuvenating spa experience. With added lighting, nature inspired colors, simple lines and luxurious accessories- spa bathrooms are becoming reality in many homes.

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  1. Brynn Stringham

    These are all such great ideas. I just put in a very dim lantern light in my bathroom and it makes a big difference.


    wow I LOVE these ideas!!! I especially love those lights :D since I rent I can do the little things like add candles and luxury towels. Thank you never thought of that!

  3. Lisa Williams

    I love these ideas! Our bathroom will need a redo and I would love to incorporate at least some of these to make it a relaxation room! These are things that should be considered when a home is being built in the first place.

  4. rebekah kane

    I love the look of this bathroom- I want to create something very similar to this when I but a home eventually :) So relaxing and peaceful…

  5. Karen Wedding

    We are going to have to remodel our bathroom this next spring and love the ideas you have here. Those lights that look like water are so cool.

  6. Matt Stringham

    Many of these ideas are on my to do list! My wife would die if she came home to a relaxing warm bath with some of these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nicole

    That first photo with the candles look so soothing… All of the tips are spot on. I think another thing that may help add to the soothing mood is the incorporation of plants in the bathroom. Not the most likely of places, but the pop of green brings you back to nature and there’s the added benefit of air purification.

  8. Trish F

    Thanks for the great ideas, I wish they had the SunTouch Floor Warming Mat when we were putting in our upstairs bath some 18 years ago, could of used it. This article though has inspired me to update the room with new paint and light fixtures. Thanks.

  9. Stephanie Williams

    Great ideas! My husband and I will be re-tiling our bathroom soon, and I will need to keep these in mind – especially the heated flooring. It’s amazing how little touches here and there can really make it feel like a home spa vs. just a bath. Thanks!

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