Kitchen Solutions: Island Time
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Kitchen Solutions: Island Time

Conjure up an image of what your dream kitchen would be like. Did you do it? Was a sprawling island with counter seating and a plethora of storage part of that pretty mental picture (maybe it even looked something like the above photo from KitchenLab)? We’re going to bet that it was.

Unfortunately, if your kitchen didn’t come equipped with an island, it’s not always the simplest task to retrofit your space with a fixed one. Ah, but fear not, that’s not a problem. There are a ton of options on the market for freestanding or moveable islands, no matter your budget!

Check out these four options below:

  • The wood top of this moveable island works great for prepping, chopping and working with pizza or biscuit doughs. It even has an extension leaf for counter seating for two. The cottage-style look would be a nice complement to a darker kitchen to add some charm. Best of all, if you don’t have the space for permanent storage, you can always roll it away until needed.Belmont White Kitchen Island, $499;


  • The natural birch of Ikea’s versatile island can be painted or stained to match your current cabinets, or leave it as-is to offset your current color scheme. The legs are sturdy, and we love the idea of the side rails for hanging cooking utensils for easy access. Goland Kitchen Island in Birch, $199;


  • We have an affinity for anything stainless, especially when introduced to a warm space as an industrial element. Surely, it’ll make you feel like you’re whipping up your meal in a restaurant kitchen. Better call your sous chef to attention!Stainless Steel Kitchen Work Center, $189;

Home Depot-380h

  • Marble surfaces might have popped up in the ideal kitchen portrait we asked you to paint, but swapping out your countertops for the pristine material might not be an immediate option. Luckily, you can outfit your cooking haven with a touch of Carrara with this sizeable work table perfect for rolling out pastry doughs (keeps them nice and cold.) Three drawers and a low shelf add extra storage. Newland Kitchen Island, $3,375;


As you’re dreaming up your dream kitchen island, keep in mind that all countertops age differently and some require protective treatment. So be sure to check what yours might require. What type of island would you like to add to your kitchen?

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