Simplify Life: Pot and Pan Storage


Do you have the dreaded “pot and pan pile”? Itʼs an area of your kitchen, typically a dark bottom cabinet, devoted to storing an array of randomly intertwined and stacked pots and pans. All too often, retrieving items from a “pot and pan pile” is like an awkward game of Jenga — one wrong move and everything comes crashing down. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

The good news is that there is a solution to simplify the storage and retrieval of your pots and pans, one that is relatively easy to install and can work as a design element in your kitchen.

The solution is right above you
The storage of pots and pans in cabinets proves difficult because unlike plates and bowls, they do not always neatly stack. Additionally, they are often stored in lower cabinets, necessitating bending over for retrieval. As a solution, we recommend moving everything out of the bottom cabinets and hanging them from the ceiling using a potrack.

From a purely functional standpoint, potracks make finding and grabbing items super easy. The installation of one will also free up cabinet space, which is invaluable for every kitchen, especially the smaller ones.

Design-wise, potracks allow for a wide spectrum of creativity and can make a statement in your kitchen, telling guests that you have great taste and take cooking seriously. Hereʼs a few potrack ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Often potracks are stored over kitchen islands where good lighting is required, which makes combining a potrack and lighting both visually appealing and functional. This lighted potrack from Capital Lighting would work well in a traditionally-styled kitchen.


If your style is more on the contemporary side, this lighted potrack, with a satin nickel finish and downward lights would make a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

This folksy potrack uses an old wooden ladder to create an interesting focal point in the kitchen.


While this potrack might not work in your home, it shows that you donʼt have to necessarily go with a design from a manufacturer. Express your creativity and consider using a found item as a potrack. The ideas are limitless as the only requirements are that you be able to hang things from it. If you go the “DIY” route, besides saving money on your project, it will serve as a conversation piece at your next dinner party.

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