Welcome Home


Behind our faucets are real people. The homemaker, the busy family, the chef, and most importantly—you. Our products may make your residence a more beautiful place to live, but feeling like you’re home is not all about the fixtures. It’s partly about having personalized and streamlined spaces to best suit your needs and desires. So we invite you into our new quarters: a blog about inspiration and design to help you get there. We’ll bring you easy and accessible do-it-yourself projects for both the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as introduce you to faces in the design and culinary industry that we promise will always bring gems of advice and inventiveness—all in the name of making your house into the home you want to dwell in.

What kind of posts will we bring to you to feast on? In The Collection, you’ll get round-ups of beautiful hardware, accessories, furniture and fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom. In Bath Time, you’ll find a close look at hand-selected, beautifully designed bathrooms, wise words from our industry friends and weekend projects to do yourself. We’ll corral and bring to you the best ideas we see and read about in our favorite design magazines and TV shows in our Style Editor category, but not before we digest it enough to break down what you can take from each source. And lastly, we’ll dish out chef and kitchen designer Q&As as well as quick fixes, tips and tricks to enhance your cooking and entertaining experience in our Kitchen Solutions category.

So come on in and make yourself at home. We know we will.

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