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Angie H.


Bath Time: A Spa Inspired Bath

We all dream about those perfect vacations when an afternoon spent cloaked in a soft bathrobe after a hot bath feels good, rather than guilty. Well, imagine having that luxury every evening, after a long day’s work. It’s possible–and…

Interior Design

Kitchen Solutions: Finding Your Hook

When our friends tell us they’re planning their next kitchen remodel, they often drag out a scrapbook of photos and products they want in their dream kitchen. This is a great way to get buried under the idea of…


Kitchen Solutions: Pantry Perfection

We’ve all experienced the infamous “pantry crash”–where you open the cabinet door and seven spice containers immediately leap from the shelves and come crashing down on your head. It’s easy to blame the cabinets, or the spices, or the…

Interior Design

Style Editor: Picture Perfect Kitchen

Have you ever caught yourself wondering whether the kitchens you see on the pages of design magazines could actually be that perfect? The truth (albeit a semi-frustrating one)? Yes and no. Yes, magazine editors are trained to find expertly designed homes,…


Kitchen Solutions: The Path to Fresh

“I’m sick of purchasing pricey herbs at the supermarket every week. I’d love to have my own herb garden, but I live in an apartment with not much outdoor space. What can I do?” -Lacey Dunham, Nashville, TN For…


Style Editor: What’s Old is New

Having just finishing flipping through a recent issue of Kitchen and Bath Ideas, a “special interest publication from Better Homes & Gardens, I was swimming in images of pristine, put-together kitchens where every aspect was planned cohesively. I admire the ability…