Friends of Pfister: Evaluating your Kitchen for Home Adaptation


Home adaptation is the process you go through to make a residence safe to those with disabilities, special needs, or an aging family member. Through the Friends of Pfister campaign, Pfister is partnering with Rebuilding Together to provide over $20,000 in faucets to help with their mission of home adaptation for families in need across America.

We hope you take the spirit of this partnership and find ways to apply it in your own life. By adapting your home to a living environment intended to increase ease of use, safety, security, and independence you’re making a real difference for someone who couldn’t otherwise function in that space.


Here is a checklist to see if your kitchen can be used easily and safely.

1. Appliances – Can the oven be opened safety and easily? Are the stove/oven controls easy and safe to reach? Are the stove/oven controls easy to grasp and turn? Are the stove/oven controls clearly marked? Are the stove burners easy to reach safely? Is most of the refrigerator space usable? Is the sink height good? Is the sink depth good? Is the sink hardware easy to use?

2. Counters – Are the counters at a good working height for you? Are counters within reach of the stove, sink, and refrigerator Is there a need for open space below the counters so that you can sit while working?

3. Table – Is the table at good height? Is there room to move safely around the table?

4. Storage – Is there adequate storage shelves and cabinets within reach? Is the cabinet hardware easy to use?

5. Moving Around – Is there adequate space to move around in the kitchen?

6. Lighting & Ventilation – Is there enough lighting in work area? for cooking? for cleaning? for food preparation? Is the kitchen ventilation adequate?

Once you’ve evaluated your home, here are some of the home modifications you might want to make: 1) changes or additions to the residence (e.g., widening doorways, adding a first floor bathroom or a ramp); 2) installing custom equipment (e.g., grab bars and handrails); and 3) adjusting the location of items (e.g., moving furniture, changing a sink height). In addition to your home modifications you may want to make repairs (e.g., fixing worn-out stairs) to insure safety and usefulness.


Now through April, help the Friends of Pfister campaign reach our goal of $20,000 in Pfister faucets to help communities in need. Pfister is proud to partner with Rebuilding Together to bring safer and healthier homes to communities throughout the United States. Every ‘Like’ makes a difference, seehow you can help today.

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