Kitchen Gardens Breath Life Into Your Kitchen With Plants


Your outdoor garden breathes life. They are not only a place of life and inspiration, but a place where stressors flow away and relaxation takes over. Many homeowners are unaware that the same serenity experienced in a garden can be transition into the kitchen. Plants not only make a great addition to the kitchen but they are versatile enough to fit alongside any decor and double function as air purifiers that can filter out toxins from the air.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing kitchen fauna.

1. Heights: Larger plants may overpower kitchen decor. The best selections are short or medium in height.

2. Sunlight Requirements: Keep in mind that different sized plants may result in different watering schedules and sunlight requirements. An African violet may require watering once a week, whereas an indoor hibiscus may need watering several times daily. Choose plants that have the same requirements for less hassle.

3. Consider humidity: Kitchen humidity is higher than many areas in the home and this humidity level drops when kitchen use is limited. Select plants that have tough, glossy-leaves rather than soft, delicate breeds.

4. Consider safety: Although plants might fit in well on the countertop, be cautious of kitchen appliances. Don’t chose a setting too close to the oven or stovetop. Not only is this a fire hazard, but it may also cause damage to the plant.

5. Consider functionality: Kitchen window sills offer the perfect amount of sunlight to start an herb garden. We suggest planting basil, sage, oregano or thyme. Herb gardens will add life to your kitchen and the best part is you can use the plants to cook!

What plants grow best in your kitchen? We want to know.

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