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8 Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Theme DIY Styling Tips for a Bath Style All Your Own


If you’re moving into a new home or thinking of updating a bathroom, figuring out where to start can feel a bit daunting. You might not realize that this is actually another area of your home that can really benefit from your own personal touch. Explore your taste with some of the tips below, and get on the path to creating the bathroom of your dreams.

1.Get Inspired by Yourself

Focus on styles you like in other aspects of your life. Takes cues from your wardrobe, your garden, or even your reading list. Are you romantic? Edgy? Whimsical? Try using your renovation as an opportunity to express a part of yourself you love and want to put front and center.

2. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Magazines are helpful for starter ideas, but the home decor in publications can sometimes be intimidating. Take your research to a more approachable level by visiting designer showrooms, posh hotels, trendy restaurants and even friends’ homes for ideas. Snap pictures and make a dream board with your favorite elements. (Pro Tip: Check out our Pinterest page for everyday style ideas from designers, architects, and homemakers.)

3. Work with the Size

Pay mind to the size of the space you are working with. Consider installing a floating sink to save valuable floor space in a small bathroom. In a big space, create his-and-hers areas for visual impact. Color, lines, textures and fixtures all play into the appearance of size in a space.

4. Set the Tone with Tile

Your shower or bath tile takes up some solid real estate so it’s a decision that needs to be well thought out. Textured tile adds interest, while smooth ceramic comes in a rainbow of colors and cleans up quickly. Stone can make your bathroom feel rustic and glass give a modern look.

Bathroom Tiles (Images:

Bathroom Tiles (Images:

5. Paint or Paper

Wallpaper is in no way outdated, in fact you’d be pressed to find a luxury home without the strategic use of wallpaper! Affix it on one wall or the ceiling to make a bold statement, or do each wall for a more traditional look if you love patterns. (Pro tip: pull the magazines back out and pay attention to the use of wallpaper in the room vignettes. You’ll be surprised how creatively it is used.)

6. Focus on Fixtures

A bathroom’s fixtures are the jewelry of the space (okay, we’re a bit biased but faucets are our business!) If you’ve always dreamed of a vessel sink with a wall-mounted faucet, now’s the time to make it happen. Remember that faucets are easy pieces to switch out later on if your tastes change, though our faucets are designed to last a lifetime.

Pfister Bath Faucets | Aliante Single Control, Centerset Bath Faucet, Arkitek 8" Widespread Lavatory Faucet, Ashfield Single Control, Centerset Bath Faucet, Venturi Centerset Bath Faucet Park Avenue Single Control, Centerset Bath Faucet

Pfister Bath Faucets | AlianteArkitek Ashfield, Venturi, Park Avenue


7. Accent with Hardware

You might be surprised how much the right hardware can pull a style together. Dress up an otherwise plain vanity with unique hardware from antique stores, or find a local craftsman to create your own unique knob and handle designs.

8. Accessorize 

Choosing bathroom decor is one of the easier elements of finishing your bathroom space because the possibilities are nearly endless in every budget range. Shop smart and thrifty for decor elements that can be changed on a whim or updated as needed to create a space that evolves. 

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