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ThermoForce™ Showerheads Drenching Technology and Water Conservation in One

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 6.52.17 PM

ThermoForce™ technology heightens the showering experience by providing the perfect coverage, force and heat retention for water flow. ThermoForce™ is a specially engineered system of four spray nozzles that enhances coverage by creating intersecting cone-shaped streams that provide 320 percent more coverage for a satisfying drenching effect. (Coverage is measured in accordance with EPA WaterSense Specifications for Showerheads.)

The technology optimizes heat through larger nozzle openings that allow for larger droplets—which retain heat longer—resulting in an invigorating shower. Lastly, ThermoForce™ expertly regulates water pressure to strike an optimal balance between water conservation and an invigorating, luxurious experience.

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