Bath Time: New York Living
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Bath Time: New York Living

Few words conjure up visions of lavish living like “penthouse” does. Sure, there are some people who aspire to a cozy country abode with acreage as far as the eye can see, but for those of us who dream of the high-life in a high-rise (and on the top floor to boot), there’s a certain aesthetic that goes along with it. That look is sleek, shiny and sexy and a neutral color palette of black, gray, taupe and white is a must. If you aren’t ready to trade in your driveway for an elevator key, though, you only need to revisit a few of your design choices in your bathroom to bring Park Avenue to the suburbs.

Start with your floors and work your way up. Black or dark green, high-polish floors reflect your bathroom, making it look larger and brighter (the opposite of what most people think!) The snowy vein of this tile in particular adds some interest down below without being too obtrusive. Whether you’re doing the install yourself or hiring a pro, we recommend limited grout lines for a very seamless look.



Glass jars serve a dual purpose: they are beautiful and elegant, but they also provide storage. These in particular, from Crate and Barrel, introduce femininity and curve into a space with predominantly straight lines, like the bathroom pictured. Pair a few sizes of these jars together, and fill them with decorative soaps, natural sponges, or even bath crystals and salts.



Glass mosaic tiles are incredibly posh, but sometimes are incredibly expensive as well! Simulate tile on one wall (behind your vanity, if you have the space, is a great spot), with wallpaper for a cost-effective solution.



There’s something about a mirror framed with more mirrors that screams glam. Keep it sleek and simple with a classic rectangular shape outlined in a modest mirror mosaic.



Top off your luxe space with glistening faucets, like a selection from our Park Avenue collection. To get an ultra high-end look and ensure harmony, make sure to match the fixtures in your shower, on your sinks and roman tub.

Park Avenue faucet
Park Avenue Shower

Tell us what you would add to your New York Penthouse lavatory in the comments or on our Facebook fan page.

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