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Healthy Kitchen Solutions Go for the Green

“I’m interested in some ideas for how I can ‘green’ up my kitchen. What changes can I implement to make it more environmentally friend and healthy for my family without a full renovation?” ~ Stefanie Brady, Greenwich, Connecticut There…


The Collection: Mod Squad

There’s something about mid-century modern design that attracts people of all ages. Maybe it’s the streamlined, unfussy aesthetic, or perhaps it’s the retro-yet-space-aged vibe—either way, adding mod touches gives your home that cool factor hard to find in many…


Kitchen Solutions: Island Time

Conjure up an image of what your dream kitchen would be like. Did you do it? Was a sprawling island with counter seating and a plethora of storage part of that pretty mental picture (maybe it even looked something…


Style Editor: Mix and Match

Kitchens are one of those things that sell a house for me. The floors can be bad, the paint colors might be frightening, but if the kitchen is good, I’m sold. If I were shopping around for a new…


Kitchen Solutions: Herb Window Boxes

“The kitchen is like my art studio. Iʼm really into creating my own recipes using fresh ingredients, but because of my space limitations, I donʼt have a garden to pull from. What should I do?” ~Karen Jackson, Culver City,…