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Pfister’s REACT Technology Beauty. Function. Innovation.

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A stylish marriage of form and function, Pfister’s REACT faucets allow users to turn the faucet on and off by waving a hand or object within 3″ in front of the sensor. Beyond the Touch-free functionality, REACT faucets offer additional innovative new features: smartstop

When things get hectic in the kitchen, SmartStop™ automatically shuts off the faucet after 3 minutes of inactivity to conserve water and to provide a helping hand.


Low battery indicator
The LED light on the sensor will slowly pulse four times after each activation to give you a gentle reminder that it’s time to replace your batteries.


Extra Long Hose
The pull-down spout, with its extra-long retractable sprayer hose, provides the ultimate level of convenience and functionality to clean, rinse and spray in any part of your sink.


Dual Sprayhead
Toggle between spray and stream modes right in the palm of your hand for efficient rinsing, cleaning, and filling functionality.


Handle functionality – This innovative handle design allows you to go from cold to hot water as you rotate the handle downwards. This handle design accommodates backsplashes that are close to your sink.
Manual override – If necessary, the sensor can be overridden with the manual override. The faucet can then be used manually.


Visit the REACT site for more product details and information on where to buy.

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