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Spruce Up Your Decor for Fall


With cooler weather and the school year in full swing, fall is the perfect time to work on home improvement projects. Get your home ready for the season’s change with a few tips to brighten your home and cozy up for autumn.

Give your walls a new coat of paint

One easy way to give your room a makeover without breaking the bank is to choose a new paint color. Warm yellow tones paired with a bright fall-inspired red or rust accent are beautiful together. As shown below, the bright influences add a pop of color, but are not overpowering. Utilize natural light, neutral colored furniture, and take advantage of wood accents throughout the room to further balance the look.


Fall-Inspired Entryway from This Old House

Switch out your sheets

With cooler temperatures, it is both practical and affordable to switch your decor by changing bedding and sheets to a heavier, comfy blend in the fall. Choose natural materials when possible, and add a bit of drama to your room by selecting textured fabrics in bold colors. Dark colors, when used in moderation, can brighten a room and absorb sunlight, helping you keep warm on chilly mornings.

Cozy Bedding from Decoist

Cozy Bedding from Decoist

Bring color in with pillows

Another easy way to switch the look of your room is to change out the pillows. It is an inexpensive, yet dramatic way to incorporate varying patterns and textures to your decor. Whether you choose to purchase pillows or use Pinterest to create your own DIY covers, your options are unlimited. For step-by-step instructions on making the sweater pillows pictured below, click here.


DIY Sweater Pillows from Brassy Apple

Swap Out Curtains

Light, sheer curtains work well for letting in natural light and summer breezes, but heavy curtains help provide insulation in the cooler months. Take down your light, breezy summer curtains and switch them out for something more durable.

Consider choosing an inexpensive printed or solid cotton fabric and making your own curtains! There are dozens of options, from basic sale rack sheet curtains courtesy of the Little Green Notebook, to full department store-inspired looks with blackout panels from So Much Better With Age. For no-sew curtain inspiration from Apartment Therapy, click here.


Blackout Curtains from Stylish Eve

Blackout Curtains from Stylish Eve

Don’t Skip the Details!

In the fall, it’s easy to let busy school and work schedules keep you from updating your decor. Don’t let your new routine put you in a rut! It’s quick and relatively inexpensive to add some personal details to your room to lighten the mood. Buy a bunch of fresh fall sunflowers or chrysanthemums to add some simple decor to the space. Splurge on a new, fresh candle in fragrances like pumpkin spice, apple pie, or cinnamon, so you are greeted with the fragrance of fall as you enter the room. Print some new pictures for your picture frames and consider re-arranging the layout of your room. Minor changes can make a big difference in the way your room looks and feels.

Home Decor from Shelterness

Home Decor from Shelterness

Whether you’re looking to invest in an entire room redo, or you want a quick makeover, these  tips are sure to prepare your home for fall! What other ways do you get ready for the change in seasons?


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  • Jamie
    January 10, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Love these tips, so easy to implement a fresh look a few times a year. Thanks! Hope to see more of these type of posts in the future.