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Featured Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen Solutions Go for the Green

“I’m interested in some ideas for how I can ‘green’ up my kitchen. What changes can I implement to make it more environmentally friend and healthy for my family without a full renovation?” ~ Stefanie Brady, Greenwich, Connecticut There…

Featured Inspiration

Summer Trends!

by Whitney Spinks, Florida Flippers on HGTV Summer of Color The world seems more colorful and alive in the summer and so should your home. When revamping your home for summer, there is one thing to remember: COLOR! Redesigning your entire…

Inspiration Interior Design

Spruce Up Your Decor for Fall

With cooler weather and the school year in full swing, fall is the perfect time to work on home improvement projects. Get your home ready for the season’s change with a few tips to brighten your home and cozy…


Bath Time: Under Cover

When you’re looking to give the walls of your bathroom a facelift, you have a few primary options: paint, tiles, or wallpaper. We know what you’re probably thinking about that last one: “Wallpaper? Absolutely not!” Don’t worry, we don’t…


Lisa LaPorta Design Inspiration: Kitchen on a Budget

We’re happy to be featuring HGTV Host and Interior Design expert Lisa LaPorta in a new series of design inspiration videos. LaPorta will share her favorite tips on maximizing design in your kitchen and bath. With each video we will also…


Kitchen Solutions: Space Saver

“I live in an older home with tons of character, unfortunately, what it has in charm, it lacks in space, specifically in my kitchen. What can I do to maximize the space I have without a full remodel?”~Pfister Facebook…


Bath Time: Wow Factor

“I don’t have the patience, or the time, to renovate my existing master suite, but I’m looking for some ideas to add some life into my boring, cluttered bathroom. How do I go about doing this while keeping the…